Hot Tuna's New Brunch Service Announced in the Virginian-Pilot

Visit the Virginia Pilot online for the full article, or continue below for an excerpt of food writer Patrick Evans-Hylton's piece. 

Hot Tuna Bar & Grill, a favorite restaurant for dinner since 1992, throws their hat in the ring on March 4.

I was invited to a friends and family preview of the menu, and I was impressed with the succinct selection of dishes, including fun and effective takes on brunch classics. The offerings were well thought out, and, although not your typical eggs-bacon-grits-toast plate variety, were very approachable.

A mimosa with a base of Hot Tuna’s signature, house-made sangria was a good way to start. The balanced drink had just a ting of sweetness and packed a nice, but measured, punch.

The Chesapeake Skillet was absolutely delicious. In a black, fire-hot cast-iron skillet, a generous layer of hashbrowns served as the platform for tender spinach and chopped tomatoes. A good amount of blackened shrimp, each crispy on the outside and flavorful from the spices, while tender and succulent on the interior. On top: two wonderfully poached eggs.

Side dishes of Avocado Toast as well as tater tots were also enjoyed. An after-brunch iced coffee cocktail, Salty Caramel Coffee, was a sweet treat with a blend of salted caramel vodka, Bailey’s Irish cream and coffee. The drink is also available hot.

Zach Smith